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Hydro jetting helps solve a number of common drainage issues when it comes to both septic and sewer systems. You will know you need this service whenever you see a clog, but hydro jetting is important for maintenance of these systems – especially in areas like ours that receives a lot of wet weather.

Glen Tatum helps individuals, families and businesses alike with hydro jetting. From apartment complexes to homes to commercial complexes, we are here to clear out those systems! Call us for a Free Quote and set up an appointment today.


Here’s how it works:
Step 1 Hydro Jet Line + Pressurized Water are driven into septic and sewer lines
Step 2 Manually retract the line
Step 3 Waste products and other materials accumulate as they are pulled back with the line

Hydro jetting successfully removes debris including hair and soap residue, tree leaves and storm debris. Further, it provides a comprehensive cleaning of your pipes and/or system! Hydro jetting can also resolve tricky tree root infiltration issues, including mineral buildup that may be occurring.

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