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Drain fields and septic systems go hand in hand. The septic tank holds the wastewater just long enough for the solids to settle down at the bottom of the tank while the oil and grease rises to the top. The drain field soaks up the wastewater as it leaves the septic tank, getting naturally treated by the soil as it moves through the soil.

Because the drain field must hold the water until it can be absorbed by the surrounding soil, many issues can arise causing a variety of issues. Call Glenn Tatum whenever you:
• Find yourself flushing your toilet more than normal
• Notice your drains are slower than normal
• Observe a black, slimy substance above the septic tank
• Smell sewage at times that wouldn’t otherwise make sense


It’s easy to overload your drain field, but Glenn Tatum is here to help! As with our septic services, our drain field maintenance program prices don’t change over time. We want your entire septic system to run as efficiently as possible and will work with you to ensure that happens. When you need your drain field properly serviced and maintained, call Glenn Tatum!

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